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Join us Wednesday morning, October 18th!

Let's get started before the conference opening to attend one of our exciting, no-additional-cost options and network with your fellow attendees! Make sure your travel plans leave room for the morning of Wednesday, October 18th. Participation in the pre-conference activities is limited to fully registered (paid) conference attendees.

The DES Health Huddle Tours are still avilable. The other options are full and no longer available.

Due to activity size limitations, sign up soon!

  • Your sign-up is a request. Once processed, a 'Confirmation' or 'Waitlist' reply will be provided.
  • Waitlisted attendees will be notified by a 'Confirmation' email if space opens up.
  • Activity schedules limit attendance to one activity, except for our First-Timers.
  • First-Timers may select any option, and may opt to select the Welcome Breakfast and the Campus Walking Tour.
  • Change your mind? Sure! Submit a new request and any previous request, no matter the status, will be removed. Email us if you need to cancel your request and will not select another.
  • Pre-Conference sign-up made prior to conference payment is not permitted.




Daily Engagement System - Tiered Huddling Tour at UC San Diego Health

Daily Engagement System - Tiered Huddling Tour at UC San Diego Health

Currently OPEN with just a few seats remaining.

Tour Lead: Karri Benjamin, UC San Diego Transformational Healthcare Team

Join us for this special and insightful tour inside the UC San Diego Health system. The group will be provided with a brief explanation and then experience the Daily Engagement System (DES) in action - the conversations and prioritizing. After witnessing some rounds of the DES, we gather for discussion and questions. This tour has limited availability.

The Daily Engagement System (DES) is an essential element of a well-designed management system. It is a tool that is made up of many different aspects, but the most tangible aspect of DES is tiered huddles. DES huddles are short, focused meetings that share information from front line staff all the way up to the executive level. These huddles are essential because they ensure problems are solved at the appropriate level, that operational needs are escalated to the right leadership tier, and make sure that front line staff have what they need to successfully serve patients.

Participants will experience Group A or B.

Group A: Hospital Inpatient Huddles

Tier 1 – front line nurses (at the Cardiovascular ICU); (no Tier 2 in hospital); Tier 3 – Nursing Management and Director (Zoom from a conference room); Tier 4 – Nursing Directors with Chief Clinical Officer (Zoom from a conference room)

Group B: (Health) Information Services Huddles

All Tiers are on-camera Zoom from a conference room: Tier 1 – front line Analysts; Tier 2 – Analytics Managers and Directors; Tier 3 – Analytics Directors with Analytics Senior Directors; Tier 4 – Analytics Senior Directors with Chief Information Officer

When: Wednesday, October 18, 2023, 7:30am - 10:00am

Sign-up: Limited availability in each Group. Open to all attendees - submit a request here.

Special Instructions: Parking specifics and additional information are provided to confirmed participants via registration confirmation and in the session description in the app. This tour is on another portion of campus across the freeway. Transportation needed.

First-Timer Welcome Breakfast

First-Timer Welcome Breakfast

If this is your first Lean HE Conference, we have an inviation for you! Join us for a special 'Welcome Breakfast', hosted by Academic Affairs, Finance and Administration, Associate Vice Chancellor Marie Carter-Dubois. We'll enjoy coffee and a light breakfast, offer a Q&A, and best yet - make some introductions and meet your fellow first-timers before the conference even begins!

When: Wednesday, October 18, 2023, 7:30am - 9:00am

Sign-up: Registration is full and this option is no longer available.

Drive Strategy and Success at Your HE Institution: A Hands-On Hoshin Kanri Workshop

Drive Strategy & Success at Your HE Institution: A Hands-On Hoshin Kanri Workshop

Presenters: Vincent Wiegel, Bill Balzer, Tammi Sinha

Hoshin Kanri is Lean’s approach to strategy development, deployment and management. It is a key element we should all include in our Lean practices but has received limited attention in higher education (HE). This workshop is designed to expand the HK knowledge and hands-on skills for those engaged in, or planning to engage in, the strategic planning process at their HE institution.

When: Wednesday, October 18, 2023, 8:30am - 11:30am

Sign-up: Currently at capacity and waitlist is full. Please select another option.

Special Instructions: Workshop organizers will provide additional information directly to confirmed participants.


Full Description:

Lean in higher education (HE) is well-known for its continuous improvement activities. What is less well-known is that in successful Lean organizations these improvement activities often are driven through Hoshin Kanri (HK), a coordinated approach to strategy development, deployment, and management. The expanded Lean toolkit has many methods and tools that can help develop, deploy, and manage strategic planning. HK can bolster the successful implementation of strategy through improved communication and coordination using such tools as catchball, X matrices, cascading strategy A3’s, hoshin documents, and improvement and coaching katas that make it easier for employees at all levels to align, communicate, and execute strategy.

Until now HK has received little attention in HE. This may be due to the unique challenges of HE institutions including its long tradition of academic freedom and shared governance. The limited penetration of HK may also be because continuous improvement practitioners in HE have limited knowledge and skills in using HK and therefore their offices are not seen as significant contributors to strategy and planning activities. There is however a growing recognition that HK is a cornerstone in Lean practice and a great way for HE institutions to have a greater impact still. HK offers Lean practitioners and their institutions a way to engage with senior management and administrators on a strategic level. By connecting Lean’s core pillars of continuous improvement and respect for people to strategy development, deployment, and management, HE institutions can align strategic efforts across all levels of the institution while respecting academic freedom and shared governance.

This workshop will focus on strategy development, strategy deployment, and strategy management in HE institutions. Workshop attendees will learn about HK practices and tools and how they can be applied to their own institutions (e.g., supporting their institution-wide strategic planning efforts or creating a strategic plan and implementation process for their own Lean office). Participants will engage in hands-on experiences with many of the core elements and tools used in HK and bring back to their institutions an initial framework they can continue to develop, promote, and put in place one or of the more aspects of strategy development, deployment, and management. The workshop outcomes are practically sound and ready for implementation, drawn from the shared experiences and best practices of HK practitioners in HE from around the world that are carefully curated from the recently published edited book, Hoshin Kanri in Higher Education: A Guide to Strategy Development, Deployment, and Management (Balzer and Sinha, 2023). The three workshop facilitators contributed to this book, and each brings a blend of practitioner and researcher perspectives to successfully support the implementation of HK in HE.

Campus Walking Tour: Lean, Art, Architecture

Campus Walking Tour: Lean, Art, Architecture

Our tour guides will take you on a walking tour through a portion of the vast UC San Diego campus. They will point out locations where they have engaged in Lean and Continuous Improvement projects, visit some of our unique campus art from the Stuart Collection and see some of our state-of-the-art architectural development. The tour will include a private visit to our amazing "Fallen Star", the symbol for the theme "On the Edge..." of Lean HE 2023 San Diego! 

When: Wednesday, October 18, 2023, 9:30am - 11:30am (start time to be confirmed)

Sign-up:  Registration is full and this option is no longer available.

Special Instructions: Walking and standing outdoors most of the time. The Fallen Star includes high up views and uneven floor inside the house.