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Pre-Conference Workshop, Conference Sessions, Plenaries, Keynotes

We were fortunate to receive an abundance of session proposals, making the selection process challenging, yet rewarding. We invite you to register soon and begin planning your sessions of choice! The list is subject to change and sessions are not guaranteed. Specific schedule details will be available for registered attendees in the conference app that will be available prior to the conference.


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Applying Lean Along the Edges

Session Julie Knox

An Approach to Implement Continuous Improvement in (Education) Teams

Session Terrence Bos

Building a Process Improvement Roadmap – Who | What | When | How

Session Karen Kusler, Tabitha Wiles

Collaborative Edge Effect

Session Elizabeth Aikman, Toni Benner

The Continuous Improvement Journey to Implement Hoshin Kanri, What Will Be the Next Step?

Session Carien van Horne, José Franken

COVID-19 Pandemic Through the Eyes of Faculty and Lean Practitioners Across the Globe – A Qualitative Study

Session Jitendra Singh, Chris Shannon, Bikramjit Ghosh

The Cycle of Lean – the People’s Dialogue in Hoshin Kanri

Session José Franken, Carien van Horne

Daily Engagement Huddles at UC San Diego Health – Lean Champions Strengthen and Sustain Everyday Problem Solving

Session Karri Benjamin, Ashley Gambhir

Emphasizing Learning in Improvement Work Through Service Design

Session Karin Eilertsen, Svein Are Tjeldnes

Hoshin Kanri as a Strategic Management Tool at a University of Art – The Case Study

Session Justyna Maciag

Hoshin Kanri in Higher Education: A Guide to Strategy Development, Deployment, and Management

Session Bill Balzer, Tammi Sinha

How to Capture What You Don't Know

Session Christine Stewart, Alastair Stewart

How to Use A3 Thinking to Improve Course Outcomes – and Live to Tell the Story

Session Tom Sonnek

Leadership Matters, but Which Leader Matters the Most in Delivering Lean Results?

Session Krista Schulte, Colin Moore

Leading Without Authority

Session Manisha Kanodia

Leveraging Scale for Value – the Power of Yellow Belt Training

Session Katie Mankins, Tony Nava, Erica Aichwalder

Low-Touch Touch-Time: Collecting Process Time Data on an Enterprise Scale

Session Brad Sollenberger

Outcomes Matter: Give Your Stakeholders What They Value Most

Session Lisa Earls, John Hogg, Krista Schulte

Rapid Improvement = Growing Enrollment

Session Julie Taylor, Janyce Fadden, Ning Wang

Reducing Resistance in Projects

Session Candice Beckman, Karen Kusler, Tabitha Wiles

Respect for People: Improving Your Personal Wellbeing

Session Linda Spinks, Rebecca Shipley

Summertime and Summer Compensation Requests Are Easy

Session Katie Mankins

Sustainable Improvement Work

Session Svein Are Tjeldnes, Frank Lindrupsen

University of Melbourne Service Excellence Capability Build Program

Session Elissa Whan, Stephanie Spence

Unleash the Lean Mindset: An Immersive Escape Room Workshop

Session Svein Are Tjeldnes, Karin Eilertsen, Frank Lindrupsen

Using Lean HE Best Practices to Create Goals and Develop Tactics

Session Ruth Archer

Using Tableau to Create an A3 for Lean Six Sigma Projects

Session Matthew Boyne

The State of Lean HE


Bill Balzer, Steve Yorkstone, Ruth Archer, John Hogg, Bikramjit Ghosh

Developing Problem-Solvers: How to Increase Both Value and Engagement

Plenary Ashley Gambhir

Drive Strategy and Success at Your HE Institution: A Hands-On Hoshin Kanri Workshop

Pre-Conference Vincent Wiegel, Bill Balzer, Tammi Sinha

Get Connected Get Engaged: How Are You Working on the Edge?

Plenary Eric Olsen, Kristin Kielich, Jackie Sewell

Crowd Source Our Boldest Ideas for Improvement

Plenary Eric Olsen, Kristin Kielich, Jakie Sewell

Joyful Journeys: Unleashing the Power of Joy in Continuous Improvement

Plenary Tracy O'Rourke

Daily Engagement System - Tiered Huddling Tour at UC San Diego Health

Pre-Conference Karri Benjamin, Laura Dibsie

Creating Flow: Case Studies in Lean Across the University of California System

Keynote Cathy O'Sullivan

Future of AI in Higher Education

Keynote Henrik Christensen

Processes, Flow, Waste: Lean Fundamentals 2-Hour Workshop

Session Ruth Archer

Leading Lean Implementations in HE Since 2006

Session Steven Yorkstone